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Not your typical coding course

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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Coding With Drew is about learning more than just languages and operations. The aim is to help you learn the necessary networking and self promotion skills you need to get a six-figure income in tech. 

We won’t learn things in the typical format or flow of other courses, this is because the aim isn’t to just teach you the bare minimum to get a sale. My aim is to help you to learn how to learn, network, and build a portfolio to help everyone who takes this course get a job as a Developer or Devops Engineer.

What you won’t learn:

  • Just one language
  • Focus on how things used to be
  • Filler material and videos about things you won’t use in your career

What you will learn:

  • A practical and straightforward approach to learning multiple coding languages
  • How to build a network and community
  • How to get referrals
  • How to spruce up your professional pressence
  • How to learn
  • What languages to learn and in what order