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Imagine you are an employer, you have a resume in front of you that says they know Javascript for example. Do you just believe the candidate’s resume or do you look for experience or other signs that this candidate has the skills you are looking for? Imagine, instead of a degree in computer science to show for your knowledge, you had a portfolio full of articles and projects you could leverage. That’s exactly what we are creating, Social Proof.

Take great notes throughout this course and share them. It’s all part of the system!

We want to create high quality content for future readers (i.e. employers and recruiters) so that way, when they search for someone with a specific skill set, your name will be at the top of the list.

Where to take notes

Use notion (https://www.notion.so/) at these early stages – Its free!

You can share these notes and easily organize them with Markdown Language – which you are about to conquer in the next video!

These notes will be the foundation materials for your portfolio and resume website. It’s a crucial step and you’ll be very glad you did. This self promotion process GREATLY depends upon it. 

We will eventually take our notes from notion and copy paste them into our Portfolio but for now, this is the best way to do it.