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Coding With Drew - The Basics

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  1. Introduction 🫶
    What are we going to learn?
  2. Notes
  3. How to get help
  4. Promoting Yourself 📢
    Promoting Yourself - Introduction
  5. Not your typical coding course
  6. Setting up your Linkedin Profile
  7. #100DaysOfCode
  8. Tech Twitter
  9. Computer Setup 🖥
    Computer Setup For Windows Users (Optional)
  10. MacOS Setup for first time users (Optional)
  11. Installing iTerm2 Part 1
  12. Installing iTerm2 Part 2
  13. Installing and setting up Visual Studio Code
  14. Markup Language 📝
    Introduction to Hypertext Markup Language
  15. Markdown
  16. Write your resume
  17. HTML Headers and Paragraphs
  18. HTML Image Tag
  19. HTML Anchor Tags (Links)
  20. HTML Bacon "Seasonings"
  21. HTML Lists
  22. HTML Tables
  23. HTML Code Block
  24. HTML Forms
  25. HTML Inputs
  26. HTML Inputs Cheat Sheet Practice Review
  27. HTML Link and Script tags
  28. HTML Divs & Bootstrap5 + a challenge
  29. Bootstrap 5 deeper dive
  30. Dont Forget!
  31. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Bootstrap 5🎨
    CSS Introduction to the Basics
  32. CSS Practice Setup
  33. CSS Font Practice
  34. CSS Positioning and the Box Model + Border Radius
  35. CSS Border Shorthand & Hierarchy
  36. CSS Fun!
  37. Challenge
  38. Don't Forget!
  39. Creating a Portfolio Website⭐️
    10 Topics
  40. Not required - How to create a portfolio website Locally
  41. Not Required - Publishing your WordPress Website for free
  42. Don't Forget!
  43. Bash 🤠
    Bash Commands
    6 Topics
  44. Writing our first script
    5 Topics
  45. Parameters and Expansions
    8 Topics
  46. Bash Prompts and Menus
    2 Topics
  47. Logic
    7 Topics
  48. Loops
    5 Topics
  49. Data Arrays
    2 Topics
  50. Project
    3 Topics
  51. Don't forget!
  52. Git
  53. Javascript - Work in progress
    14 Topics
  54. Review
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Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Coding With Drew is about learning more than just languages and operations. The aim is to help you learn the necessary networking and self promotion skills you need to get a six-figure income in tech. 

We won’t learn things in the typical format or flow of other courses, this is because the aim isn’t to just teach you the bare minimum to get a sale. My aim is to help you to learn how to learn, network, and build a portfolio to help everyone who takes this course get a job as a Developer or Devops Engineer.

What you won’t learn:

  • Just one language
  • Focus on how things used to be
  • Filler material and videos about things you won’t use in your career

What you will learn:

  • A practical and straightforward approach to learning multiple coding languages
  • How to build a network and community
  • How to get referrals
  • How to spruce up your professional pressence
  • How to learn
  • What languages to learn and in what order

Hey There!

I’m thrilled you have decided to take the first steps in your coding journey with me! You could have taken any number of other courses on the internet but you chose this one because you saw more value in it than any other course on the market, and you weren’t wrong. You were likely drawn to the scope of this course and the promise of career outlook combined with the lack of college and I’m here to tell you that you’ve made one of the best decisions of your life. Coding With Drew isn’t just about learning to code, it’s about learning to network, learn, and be a creative problem solver.

While this isn’t as easy as watching a few videos, you’ll learn to love the process!

I’ve personally improved the career outlook for a lot of people and I can tell you it’s a wonderful experience to share. I hope that you will share your journey with the world and learn publically along with my army of compassionate and uplifting friends who will encourage you every step of the way.

I know a little something about you because I have been in your shoes.

Tired of your crappy job/commute and know deep down there is something better. You are curious. You wonder what path to take, should I spend a fortune in student loans to get a degree? Should I just get a job and hope for the best or should I take this course?

You woke up one morning and said “I want to be a programmer”. You gravitate towards it because you can learn anything you set your mind to and you like a challenge. You could just take our certificates you earn in this course and hope for the best but you aren’t a minimum effort kind of person. You want to show that you have value. You also know that (or you do now) that this industry doesn’t care about college degrees, instead they care that you can prove your value, knowledge, and skills.

The good news is we are going to create an impressive resume and portfolio website to be top notch for the tech industry that will give you a competitive edge in interviews. Not only that but I’ll be providing you 1:1 time with technical recruiters looking to hire people with your skillset.

We are going to learn the fastest path to “hired” or “self employed” while adding tools and skills to our resume that will impress your future employers, clients, and friends.

Follow along and join the ranks of “Developer”, “Freelancer”, “Site Reliability Engineer”, or “Devops Engineer” who have Coded With Drew!

Warm Regards,

Drew Karriker

[email protected]