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100% Free Web Developer Course

Learn Markdown, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, and WordPress, Bash, Git, and Javascript!

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Start Here! The Basics

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  • Markdown
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap5
  • WordPress
  • Bash
  • Git
  • Javascript
  • Build a Portfolio

Start a business

$ 99
  • How to Get Clients
  • Tools of the trade
  • Market Research
  • Client Management
  • Branding
  • Services you can sell
  • Domains
  • Social Proof
  • Logo Design
  • Contracts
  • Social Media Marketing
  • The sales pitch

everything you need to

Become a Successful Web Developer

Why Coding With Drew?

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently you can view all available courses at

Access to high speed internet that will allow you to stream course videos and a modern computer is all you need. Drew teaches using a MacOS and shows you how you can follow along on any computer that isn’t a MacOS as long as you have 15gb of data or you are up for the challenge of following the course with a Windows or Linux computer. You will struggle if you try with a mobile device only, please don’t try that, I am not sure I can help if you do. 

Join the slack! If you have questions before you buy, you can join anyways, it’s not a closed community!

Absolutely not! In our starter course, Drew assumes you’ve never even started a Mac computer. You will start with instructions on how to set your computer up and then you’ll be walked all the way through building your very own custom WordPress Portfolio site. This course is the recommended starting point for all courses related to and will be bundling it with other courses in the future.

After completion of any course, a certificate will become available on your course dashboard. You can download it and attach it to your resume.

The free course will help you to market your new skills to a new network of recruiters and will provide you all the skills you’d need to land an entry level developer job. Typically, to land a job though, you’ll need a framework like react under your belt as well as the ability to work with Databases which is covered in the Senior Developer Course. 

You will also have the necessary skills to start your own freelance agency if you chose. You could freelance on the side while you are looking for work and all of those projects could pad your resume.